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Helping Clients Find Confidence After A Personal Injury

When someone is injured while on a job site or in a store, or by some other negligence, they often face more than physical injury. They may feel unprepared and even fearful about their recovery and the impact on their life and livelihood. They may not know where to turn for answers.

Heartland Injury Law understands that suffering an injury causes more than physical repercussions. That’s why they work closely with clients throughout Missouri and Illinois to address their concerns and questions about the legal process and help them find confidence again in their everyday lives.

Injuries Caused By Falling And Premises Liability

Immediately after a slip-and-fall injury, it’s important to understand the circumstances under which the fall took place. Were the stairs slippery? Did a sign warn people about the conditions? Answering these questions can help an attorney determine who may be at fault.

A person who owns a public facility has a duty to maintain its premises in safe condition. For example, the common areas of an apartment complex, a public library and a grocery store parking lot should all be reasonably safe for the public to use. In some cases, the property owner may be at fault, while in other cases, the maintenance company may be at fault. An experienced premises liability attorney helps clients determine how to approach their case and who may be liable.

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Dog And Animal Bites

Dog And Animal Bites

While animal bite laws differ by state and local regulations, an animal who displays vicious behavior or is knowingly aggressive shouldn’t be let off the leash or near other people. When someone is injured due to this animal’s behavior, their owner may be held liable. Mike Sudekum advocates for victims of dog and other animal bites to ensure they get compensation for the medical bills and other expenses related to their injury.

Experienced Toxic Exposure Representation

From asbestos to benzene, American workers are exposed to a wide variety of toxic chemicals every day. Sometimes, this leads to illness or injury, and they need legal representation that will fight for compensation to cover medical bills and to take care of their families if they can’t work. Toxic exposure attorney Mike Sudekum​ is trusted by families and individuals throughout Iowa and Missouri for his fair, dedicated and passionate advocacy. Regardless of how or where a person has been exposed to chemicals, Mr. Sudekum will fight tirelessly for the justice they deserve.

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