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Dedicated And Experienced Legal Guidance After A Motor Vehicle Accident

From a time-consuming inconvenience to a devastating event, automobile accidents can bring a person’s day to a halt and substantially affect their family. After being injured in a crash, the victim may need to pay property damages, medical expenses and household bills, even if they’re unable to work.

This isn’t right, and at Heartland Injury Law, the goal is to fight for what’s fair. They handle a wide variety of cases for clients throughout St. Louis including intersection collisions, rear end accidents, drunk or distracted driving accidents and more.

For legal representation that’s committed to their clients’ health, safety and success, call Heartland Injury Law.

Truck Accidents Are Common And Can Be Serious

Trucks, buses and other large vehicles can pose a huge risk on the road. Traveling at high speeds and often transporting items that are thousands of pounds, even a seemingly minor accident can have a catastrophic impact. Even though truck drivers are restricted to driving for only a certain number of hours and miles per day, many driving companies put pressure on their employees to deliver goods within tight timelines. One missed inspection or improperly installed part could result in a disaster on the road.

A tremendous amount of discovery is often necessary in truck accident cases because several parties may be at fault. Heartland Injury Law has the skills and experience necessary to find the evidence needed to build a solid case for their clients.

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Paying For Medical Treatment After A Crash

The amount of compensation after a collision depends on the circumstances of the crash, the costs of medical care, the nature and extent of your injuries, and your recovery. Who pays for the medical expenses is a common question and a source of concern. An experienced personal injury attorney can explain to you the best ways to navigate this process. This information can maximize your recovery for your injuries.

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Nobody deserves to worry about paying bills and arguing with their insurance company after a car or truck accident. Work with a skilled auto injury attorney today by calling Heartland Injury Law at 877-463-8998 or sending them a message online.