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Zimmer Durom Acetabular Hip Component

The Durom Acetabular metal cup, manufactered by Zimmer, is a component used in hip replacement surgery. Total hip replacements have several different metal, plastic or ceramic parts that make up the total hip replacement system. In general terms, the cup replaces the hip socket.

On July 22, 2008, Zimmer temporarily and voluntarily suspended the sale and marketing of this product. Of the 12,000 cups that were implanted in the United States, some estimate that 10% of the cups will fail resulting in a hip replacement revision.

A hip replacement revision surgery exposes the patient to increased risk of infection, bone weakness and other risks of surgery.

Depending on your date of surgery or failure, your time limit to file a claim is rapidly approaching. If you or a family member required a hip surgery after the failure of a Zimmer cup, please contact hip device lawyer Michael Sudekum for a free discussion of your rights.